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Hey John,
It strikes me that Kersten's right and so is Wallace - but for a reason completely aside from motivation or demotivation. And, appropriately enough for the season, it has everything to do with giving.

Each of us - grinch or giver - is responsible for whatever we do. We can choose how we are - no, more than that, we HAVE to choose. It is all up to each of us individually, not some government agency, not our employer, not our parents - just me, myself.

If I give - as a husband, father, friend, employer - I do so because it is good and right. So what if some or much of that giving goes unnoticed? That's not the reason I gave.

It's both lonely and empowering to conclude that everything is on your own shoulders. In the end though, it is. So, I might as well just do my best, give with my heart, and know in my soul that it is right and good.

Happy Holidays and thanks for always giving me something to think about.

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