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Diane Danielson

Hi - As the author of the Pink Magazine Blackberry in the Bedroom article, I confess that my research for it put off my purchase of a Blackberry for a good six months. However, I recently broke down and got one because my travel schedule increased, and I'm ashamed to say that I've quickly become a Crackberry addict who has completely rationalized my behavior. Perhaps I should re-read my article!

Kris Mauricio

As one who has not joined the "Crackberry Club, " I am surrounded by those who have such tight relations with their blackberry that they dress them up, give them personalities and often reserve better seating in meetings for their tiny machines than for those of the human variety. Conversation becomes frustrating but more importantly leaves me feeling empty and second fiddle to of all things, a written interruption...not a warm voice or a smiling face but words on a screen.
Being realistic, I figure it is only a matter of time for me... I remember thinking I didn't need a cell phone and now I sleep with mine and anyone in my life knows that I am reachable 24/7. So, when I show up with an all pink version of the blackberry, fully decked out in an outfit and a case engraved with its name on it...I can only hope that I take my own advice and never let the not so subtle chirping distract me from the most crucial, valuable component of meaningful communication with another, the gift of being present.

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