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Now you're talking! I loved the Dr. Seuss quote. I just experienced side-splitting laughter with an old friend this past weekend. Hadn't seen each other in years. Still makes me laugh. And the laughter makes me feel young. It's definitely about the juices!


I thought it might be interesting to take a look at this Play situation and see if we can create a logical flow of work-related thought based on the ideas from Dr. Seuss that John has shared.

First, and according to the good doctor, laughter is what juices your juices, seethes your lava, and spritzes your humor. Ol’ Doc Seuss says that when you’re laughing, you’re really living. I don’t think many of us would argue with his premise--laughing wholeheartedly places us squarely in the moment, which is where our lives probably ought to be lived anyway.

Next, if laughter and play bring us into the “now,” that means we aren’t probably thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. Instead, we’re focused on this moment and the fun we’re having. Might a characteristic such as focusing on the moment at hand conceivably be of any practical use in a workplace setting? I think most of us could probably offer at least a qualified “yes.” So, could encouraging experiences of lightheartedness and joy on the job actually be conducive to getting the work done in an innovative manner? Once again, the logical answer seems to be in the affirmative.

Still with me? Here’s what I’m thinking: if experiences of laughter and play can be truly beneficial to our work in terms of their ability to help us be more focused, joyful, creative and innovative, then our organizations and their leaders might do well to recognize the validity of laughter and play as legitimate tools that help people do their jobs more effectively.

Fortunately, The FISH! Philosophy encourages the same idea, offering plenty of inspiration and useful ideas that can help us all Play more creatively at work. I won’t speak for you, but I know I work better and am more inclined to be creative, to be in the moment--to really live--when I’m able to laugh and enjoy myself without fear of reprisal on the job. Laughter recharges my batteries, puts me in a better frame of mind and makes me more willing to consider new ways of looking at the world. Heck, I might even be inspired to take a creative risk or two. To me, those sound like positive qualities that could potentially benefit any individual or organization.

Is there a legitimate connection and a practical flow that exists among the ideas of Play, laughter, creativity, FISH! and doing good work? You be the judge.

Thanks, John, for finding the Dr. Seuss quote. It not only made my day, it made me think. The quote may be over fifty years old, but--like The FISH! Philosophy itself--it's the truth. And the truth is always timeless.

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