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I cant honestly say that the entire article was all that "craptastic" because of my past experience and recent knowledge, let me explain:

During my year long trek into my Busness Degree with an Emphasis in HR, I have come across many people that DONT have a passion for what they are going into...namely HR and Management.

During discussions and online postings, its apparent that several of them have been totally clueless as too the opportunities for providing positive customer service, employee programing,and trainings.

Ive asked myself countless times:" How is that possible that they have NO CLUE? These are the people that will be in HR or Management...eeck!"

Its not unlike any other career though, you either love what you do.. or dont do it. And you learn everything you can about it your chosen career.. to improve the quality of lives that you might impact.

HR is not a career for the squeemish however. With laws changing yearly, ethical issues daily, negative banter around every corner,harrassments, hiring and firing,and trying to keep the minions happy through tough times or corporate changes is no easy task.. who WOULD like HR....welll, ME for one!

I have the utmost respect for the ones that help me with my problems, give me my reviews and raises, keep track of vacations, benefits,or have words of encouragement, maybe when no one else does...

To me, HR should be your personal advocate, the one you can go to, the one you can trust, the one that has the open door... they should'nt be feared or hated.

Unfortunately, HR HAS gotten a bad rap and a lot of companies have gotten the shaft, thus the article being written.

However, It doesnt have to be that way. Do what you love, be passionate about it... or dont do it!

Come November of 2006.. I'll be ready to start the HR Revolution...Fish! Style..!!!

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