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Have you read the book "The Leadership Pill" by Ken Blanchard? Your post completely reminds me of the theories presented in that book. If you haven't read it yet, it's a short read (much like FISH!) and presents amazing philosophies on how to be an effective leader.

Josh Hawkins

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with Larry Weber, founder Weber Schandwick, the world's largest PR firm. As you can imagine, he has had his fair share of hiring and leadership issues over the years - so much so that he wrote a book on the subject called "The Provocateur."

Reading John's post made me think of some of Larry's insights. He says there are basically two kinds of leaders: Provocateurs and Generals. "Provocateurs build communities; Generals build companies. Provocateurs put the relationship with the customer at the center; Generals put the product at the center. Provocateurs value openness, interchange, and innovation; Generals maintain secrecy, control communication, and distrust novelty."

In my mind, the Fish! Philosophy nurtures "Provocateurs." Passion and purpose may not be about a particular thing, or author, or speaker. Passion and purpose bubbles up in the form of methodical and incisive commitment to authentic relationships, dialogue and creativity. And most importantly, CURIOSITY. That to me defines leadership through the Fish! lens.

I'm excited to hear about the positions and believe your new hires will be as much about building community as they are about their roles in sales, administration and solutions.


Leadership with soul, heart, intelligence, and knowledge... Tall order, but the right one. Isn't that what we'd all like for ourselves, work, country, the world?

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