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Hip Deep

My barber of 24 years, Dick the Barber, says that he cuts hair to make friends. And he does. And his business is thriving ("and by the way, they're buying our fish.")


You know what is unique about the salon industry and why it works (licensed almost 16yrs now, I feel like I should be in AA right now)

1. You build intimate relationships with people immediately.

2. You have to learn to have open ended conversations and listen without filters.

3. You deal with vanity, all day you get immediate feedback (Good and Bad)

3. You NEVER never get use to someone saying.. Thank you, thank you.. I never thought I could feel and look this way again.

In business, often are we REALLY afforded the ability to grow intimate relationships? Do you know what kind of shampoo the Fed-Ex gal uses or the cereal that your boss eats? A sylist probably does.

When was the last time you checked out of a coversation? What do you think would happen if a stylist did that? It truly is a different ball game in the "World of Hair" (as I have dubbed it)..

I dont want to glorify..the "World of Hair" because it is not without its own has had its fair share of power struggles, political mumbo jumbo, gossip and buy-outs like the next guy..but the fact remains that the culture within the salon and with each individual stylist remains because the salon industry realizes that "they" would not be there, if it was not for their stylist!! The salon industry can not mandate culture or a way of being...stylist are simply allowed to be themselves, which in turn ..generates the natural energy that people love in their stylist.

This energy and ability to be free is why we love the stylists that we have, when we finally find one that we like...we stick to 'em like glue.They become our friends, our family and and a real part of our life.

I think most businesses would like to be able to say that....but not all can.

On a side note: having a 14 year old and 9 yr old.. I am SO thankful I can do hair.... it saves me $$


You know, maybe an important piece of hairdresser happines is seeing the impact they have on all the most important parts of other people's lives. A great haircut before a first date. Cutting your 8 year old daughter's 12" braids because she's donating them to Locks of Love. A little extra style on your wedding day.

Once we grow enough hair to cut, until there's almost none left, hairdressers impact how we experience everyday. If we think about all the people we touch and the impact we have on eachother - doing whatever it is we do... What an awesome responsibility and incredible opportunity.

Plus there's not much better than a great shampoo and scalp massage.

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