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Life is on its way to further complications, further deepness and mystery, further processes of becoming and change.

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Could be our industry is in a rut: we're supposed to be the strategic and conceptual leaders and implementers of fresh, engaging training and development approaches, but I'm just not seeing that kind of shine in the eyes of most people I've met so far.

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hello. i must have such a chicken. can u tell me were i can get that thing


Where can I get the original screaming rubber chicken?!

thank you


Wow, I think it's time for a screaming FISH too!

Hip Deep

Geesh, Mr. Carrot, take it easy. Don't be all demoralized and downtrodden with your colleagues in the "Change Industry.” Forgive them father, they know not what they do. When rock-steady companies like Dairy Queen and Victoria’s Secret sell Blizzards, Boxers & Bunshorts as “transformational commodities”, the nature of how our society perceives what “change” is, that is, of changing ourselves, or our organizations, becomes trite, predictable, and an outright prolonged deception. We cannot believe in change when the clutter of insincere or dimwitted hucksters claim the territory of transformation. More important, we can’t truly change or provide change experiences for our customers unless we can identify what we want to change into, change to what?

I’m taking a second here to write down four things that are/were transformational:
OK, for me it’s:

1. That Martin Luther King decided that the US Civil Rights movement would be non-violent. (Thanks Mr. Gandhi)
2. When Dylan went electric.
3. When Phil Donahue figured-out that his audience was more interesting and had better ideas than his guests, he walked from the stage into the audience.
4. That in collegiate Ultimate Frisbee matches, there are no referees or umpires – that players call their own fouls, so there’s an honor code that goes along with the play, becoming a part of the total experience.

Change and transformation demands that we are BEING part of the community that we’re serving, and we can only do so when we are an “intricate character” to the change. Being the change we wish to see (thanks Mr. Gandi!) Not separating ourselves from our community.

Change is personal, and the personal is political. And Ultimate Frisbee has no umps . . . the honor code is built in, and that's what's changed the players, on the field and off.

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