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With 18 years of creative, strategic and ownership experiences in the advertising and marketing industry – working on brands from under-arm deodorant to Turkish tourism – John’s eye at ChartHouse Learning is on how the convergence of a great brand, a great stage and a great culture can be translated into more meaningful employee and customer experiences with inspiration from The FISH! Philosophy. His mantra: “Link rich internal employee experiences with rich external customer experiences and you’ve got a passionate, confident, creative organization capable of anything.” The long version of his mantra is pretty much summed up in the FISH! Manifesto.

As ChartHouse's resident Brandosopher, John's the guy responsible for how FISH! shows up in the world – “Always unpredictably!” As the leader of Creative and Community Development, John inspires his group in the creation of new FISH! experiences that include films, books, speaking, curriculum, consulting, fun FISH! gear and more – all tailored to meet organizational goals such as improving innovation, productivity, leadership, culture, teamwork, retention and customer service. John's team is also responsible for the care and feeding of worldwide FISH! evangelists. John lives in Maplewood, MN with his three hockey-playing, transportation-needy daughters – Amy, 8, Sarah, 11 and Caitlin, 13 – as well as their Boston Terrier, Lucky.